Pic(k) of the Day – Dogwood in Bloom

Instagram – @justinmakephoto
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Pic(k) of the Day – Grey’s First Game

After Grey’s first ever baseball game. They lost, but handled it well. We couldn’t be prouder.


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Things Have Changed For the Better – Introducing HADLEY(s) Photography

So, as I have mentioned, I got married last year.  To this beauty.  Not only is she a beauty, she is an amazingly great photographer.  So, it only made sense for us to officially join forces and consolidate our power.  Thus, HADLEY(s) Photography is born.  Our combined portfolios can be found at HADLEYsPhoto.com.
Justin and Rickelle Hadley of HADLEY(s) Photography

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Pic(k) of the Day – Headboard Construction is Underway

I started making a headboard out of some 130-ish yeah old wood from my uncle’s deck in Jacksonville, FL. I have some pictures from Thanksgiving of us planing the wood that I will get to eventually…

Instagram – @justinmakephoto
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